Penang 2011 : Food / Shopping / Etc

I went to Penang for a short getaway early this year! It was my first time there and to be honest I wasn't expecting much, but it was quite relaxing. There are quite some bit of photos so I'm splitting them into two posts, this will be mainly the food/shopping post!

#1 Dinner first night, nothing spectacular but it was pretty interesting since we were at a roadside stall and it was nothing like what we have at Singapore.

#2 Mango pudding! It's just at some random food court but the amount of mango was so generous.

#3 Dinner, day 2. Noodles, ham, wiener and chicken wing in some random eatery.

#4 Mumsie's.

#5 More random dinner night, this was third, I think? Tiniest fried ebi I've ever seen.

#6 But they had pudding!

#7 /cue Giga Puddin' song

#8 On the last day we visited this old school-ish kopitiam.

#9 There was just this one stall selling noodles.

#10 And the noodles? Best I've tasted and they were only instant noodles.

#11 The lady apparently cooks it with broth made from pork bones so it's incredibly rich.

#12 Gotta have my old school milo peng and toast.

#13 Late night supper cos we just had to have bak ku teh. And we ended up having it for like the next 2 nights or so.

#14 Last day's dinner.

#15 Dumpling soup that I really liked, it was very light and the dumpling was very plump with fresh minced pork and prawn.

#16 Dimsum~

#17 French beans and a pretty unique carrot cake.

#18 Some of my loot from Penang. They had surprisingly 'decent' shopping, not incredibly cheap but there were pretty stuff. The bag in the corner is less than SGD$15 and the quality is pretty good.

#19 GPOY.

#20 Last two of my wonderful self.

And now I'm incredibly hungry from editing/writing this post so.. bye!

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