Cosfest 2011

Wayyyy overdued post, I'm sorry! I went for two events this year: Cosfest 2011 (25 & 26 June) at Downtown East and Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention 2011 (20 - 21 Aug) at Suntec! Here's the first!

Thinking back, this is already my third or fourth year attending Cosfest? I still remember back when I used to have lunch at Downtown East (I live nearby) I'd always be in awe of all the cosplayers in their full glory outside D'Marquee. Well this year was different, because it was my first year actually cosplaying at the event itself, whereas previous years I only attended as a bystander of sorts.

I attended Day 1 with my faithful slave, my dear Kaya jie, and also met two people - Xero & Sora! Feels a bit weird that I actually only properly met them this year, since I've known Xero through an online community for awhile.

stolen from facebook / xero & sora as shizuo & izaya from DRRR! / photographer

ooc but awwwwwwww 8D / photo by kaya jie

*touch touch* / photo by yish

saihate miku, but I didn't do it well and this is about the only shot i actually like

dinner, out of cos!

day 2! we met the most adorable charlotte (madomagi) cosplayers ever! I wanted to bring her home~

and then I met up with another bunch of friends - here's angie as colonello from khr!

I love that gun.

one of the most amazing cosplays of that day?

how pretty..

..I have no idea what everyone was looking at.

the disappearance of hatsune miku.

I'd honestly say I did quite a bad Miku that day and I probably won't be returning to Miku for a little while, but I had a lot of fun as compared to previous years. Guess the company's all that matters!

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