stgcc 2011

Visited the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention again this year, with Yish, as well as Xero, Sora and Kaya jie!
It was pretty different from the previous years where there were stronger focus on Japanese-influenced stuff like Bandai toys, animanga, etc - this year instead there were a lot more of illustrators, artists and designers all over the world. Which, at first glance, might be unappealing to most animanga fans but I actually found myself being more interested in the booths this year than before.

We bought our tickets from PlayImaginative which gave us discounts at the booth, so being the naturally kiasu people our first stop was to check out their products.

gloomy bear - one of my favourite character!
I'm eyeing that baby gloomy in a box you see in the left corner..

one of the many cool fan-designed mickey mouse figurines on display

Then came one of my unexpected highlights of the event: meeting my idol. I'd been in love with tokidoki's designs ever since I became acquainted with the design industry, and Simone Legno's story about how he started it all used to be a great source of motivation for me. I'd done a few projects in the past due to being inspired by him, and never would I have thought I'd be able to meet him in person.

when I heard that he was having an autograph session right there,
I rushed to buy a t-shirt to get it signed!
but I was too shy and nervous to talk to him in person,
so I got yish to take this photo for me

adorable doodoo doll mascot! he seemed to have trouble walking though

found this image amusing. pyramid head resting in a corner, tired of killing?
hi from day 2

Another highlight of the event: Kipi! She was one of the first cosplayers who got me interested in the whole hobby to begin with, and I came early just to see her when I heard she'd be there. Didn't manage to get an autograph or picture with her though, the queue of fans lining up for that was so long. And there'd been so many scandals in the past about how she's actually ugly and horribly photoshopped, but that day definitely proved all those rumours wrong. (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄

Went to find the scandalous Xero & Sora who were lunching at Umi Sushi.

and then all the ones with a camera started going crazy (◞‸ლ)



And lastly what I bought~
gift from yish!

t-shirt that I bought to get signed

my adorable gloomy

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