Happy Halloween!

I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate Halloween this year.
It's one of my favourite occasions (me being my morbid self and all),
but I never quite had a chance to celebrate it since Singapore doesn't really have that tradition.

This year, I actually got to go visit Sentosa's Spooktacular, where they had an Asian Horror themed haunted house(s) event.
Thank you to the delicious pork cheek Yish! (꒪ω꒪υ)

My new AT headphones, also thanks to Yishhh.

I surmise he was being annoying as usual.

..My eyes : his = 2 : 1. No kidding.

Photos from the event itself!
We weren't allowed to take photos within each trail, but there are always 'ambience ghosts' whom I've taken to call the walkers that loiter around screaming at passerbys but always happy to camwhore with you.

Ippen, shinde miru? Also my hair was crap because of the heat.

Overall I'd say the event was okay, I freaked out at a couple of the trails pretty badly, but ended up trolling the rest of the ghosts. I really have to give a big thumbs-up to the students (I presume?) who were working as the ghosts and helpers though, you could tell they were trying their best and very enthusiastic in what they were doing too.

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