fed and watered

Sometimes I get to a point where little problems seem too big for me.
And then I let them unravel like a line in the ocean sinking down into the density.
And when the pressure becomes the the same amount as what's inside of me.
Well I can sink and explode or hold my breath until I float,
I gamble on my own biology.
The barnacles on the ladder bleed my feet while they set a good example in tenacity.

And If you want to quit, you should quit like a winner.
Cut your losses and extricate yourself from the bidding.
And tell your friends that you could've if you'd wanted to,
And tell yourself that it's strong to make a hard call.

And if you wanna try you should try like a loser,
Who keeps on betting their life on a slow horse,
And every year well she gets a little more tired,
You're still betting, cheering her on.

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