A Moe Moe Kyun Life!

Ohai ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I decided to revive my blog! ..Well, for now at least.

Looking back at my old posts, it has nearly been a year since I've been with Moe Moe Kyun, but I've already been a part of 3 events up to now! Time passes very quickly, doesn't it?

And with all the events, I meet amazing people all the time~
Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Moe Moe Kyun girls, from AFA11.
(Left to Right: Rina, Tora, Satomi, Chizuru, Kiyomi, Yuna, Mika, Feru)

With Boss, and our boards!

(Photo credit to alafista.com)
Our 2D selves! So moe~

Memorable keepsake; of the first event that allowed me to grow so much.

However, it didn't stop there!
In June, AFA went overseas~
To our neighbouring country, Malaysia!

Attending the press conference for the first time.
(Photo via DannyChoo.com)
Yes, I met Kaname-san! 
Although there was a language barrier, he was really friendly and nice!

The event was my first time traveling overseas without family, but I was really well taken care of.
Thank you so much!

And on the event itself, we actually met.. wait for it...

I'm a HUGE, HUGEEEE fan of SpiralCats, so never in my life would I have ever dreamt of meeting the gorgeous cosplayers from Korea. But because of Moe Moe Kyun, I did! 

And even got their coscards! Oh you jelly jelly~

Not to mention Miyuko and Tasha were really lovely and sweet! 
Despite how famous they are, they put on no airs at all!
I'm even more of a fan now ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

Group photo! Sir Jim got the neko ears for us, so we were Neko Moe Moe Kyun for Day 2 :3
(Left to Right: Ringo, Rina, Kiyomi, Yunie, Tora, Yuna, Mio!)

(Left: Our Moe Moe Kyun blackboard! Decorated by your very own meidos this time, because we have three talented artists on the team!
Right: Meidos and their 2D selves. Our dear megane Ringo did the illustrations, I'm still in love with it!)

(Left: With the tall and pretty Mio-nyan~ Can't not love her!
Right: Cheki with Yunie, the true tsundere loli, and Mio-nyan~ Ringo was busy so I couldn't take one with her ;A;)

Now, the timeline is returning to the present.. AFAID!
After the success in Malaysia, AFA brings the event to Indonesia!

Our butlers and maids to greet all the goshujinsama and ojousama at Indonesia..
My dear girls - Ringo, myself, Momo, Kiyo, Yuna, Mio!

The cool and the handsome - Ryo, Ren, Kenta, Shin, Takuya, Haru!

Momo-chan is our fresh face for the meidos - and she's a really moe person!
As proven by her immense popularity in Indonesia (●´∀`)ノ♡

Danny Choo! I was rather shy when we talked to him, sadly ;A;
Having read CultureJapan for so long, it's surreal to actually speak to the man behind the blog.

Three crew badges, for three events.
It has really been a phenomenal journey for me so far.
At the beginning, I was still a quiet and shy introvert who didn't like drawing attention to myself.
With Moe Moe Kyun, I found a self who had room to explore.

Of course, I'm still shy, I still don't find it very easy to talk to people (*ノωノ)
But working with everyone, serving all the goshujinsama and ojousama, has allowed me to take a very large step in growing beyond the shell I allowed myself to live in.
I met many amazing people - not just the celebrities, but also my fellow meidos and butlers, the crew behind it all.. people who are all fantastic in their own ways, that I've grown to respect for their determination, their energy, their passion.
I think what makes AFA so great is how for most of us, it's more than just an event or a job, it's something we all enjoy, and for many, a dream to work hard for. 
At the end of the day, when you're tired and your voice is hoarse, that really makes all the difference.

November 2012, Moe Moe Kyun meidos, along with the rest of the greatness that is AFA, will be shedding our old uniforms for something new, something better. 
Are you ready? I know I'm looking forward to it! (^_−)☆
Wait for it, Singapore! 

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